20 September 2013

Shell Ideas 360

Shell Ideas360 is a global competition organised by Shell International Limited for students to develop game-changing ideas for tackling Energy, Water and Food issues. Students can be undergraduate or postgraduate.
The competition goes like this

Stage1 3 September 2013 to  1st December 2013

  • The first step is the registration of your profile click here to register
  • The second step is the formulation of innovative idea related to energy. Idea must be submitted on or before 1st December 2013
Stage 2: 16th January to 15th April 2014
Idea development
Up to 100 teams will be selected to develop their ideas. They will work with shell mentors

Stage 3:
Final presentation
5 teams will be selected to present their ideas at Netherlands. The winner will be announced

If you are interested but short of ideas and want to be inspired click here