06 September 2013

Chevening Scholarship

This scholarship offers students to pursue a masters degree in the UK. It also provides  networking opportunity
Deadline: November 8 2013
It aim to attract talented professionals who are potential future leaders, decision-makers and opinion formers. Applications are accepted applications from a wide range of subject areas, however, we particularly welcome applications in the following fields:

Security, Counter Terrorism
Prosperity – Business and key Government departments
Administration / Governance
Human Rights

A Chevening Scholarship in Nigeria includes: a monthly stipend, travel to and from your country via an approved route, an arrival and excess baggage allowance, a thesis or dissertation grant, the cost of an entry clearance visa and tuition fees (a global tuition fee cap of £12,000 will apply for MBA courses).

How to apply
Please before you apply make sure you do these:
Sign up for alerts about Chevening Scholarships in Nigeria

Read the Guidance for Applicants.  Ensure that you meet the Chevening eligibility criteria and consider how you can demonstrate that you meet the Chevening selection criteria in your application.

All applicants will need to meet our minimum English language requirement by 23 June and further details on how you can fulfil this are available in the Guidance for Applicants.
If you are required to take an English language test and do not have a valid English language certificate then please consider booking an English language test date now.

Research which UK universities/courses you wish to attend as you must include three of these on your application (in order of preference) and demonstrate why you believe these are the right courses for your career.

You should apply to your chosen universities at the same time as submitting your application for a Chevening Scholarship.

Research the English language requirements for your chosen courses – they are almost certain to have higher requirements than the minimum requirements for applying for a Chevening Scholarship. Plan how you are going to meet those requirements.

Think about who you will nominate as referees on your application. You are required to nominate two referees.

For further instruction Click link to download detailed application guideline

Click link to apply for scholarship