05 December 2013

Online Chemistry Teacher Valuba Technologies

We are a company dedicated to finding solutions to problems using ICT. We provide Software Solutions to organizations, corporate bodies and government parastatals. 

  • The Teacher enhances inter-personal relationship among the students
  • The teacher uses the curriculum, and current research based instructional practices to develop interdisciplinary units of instruction that meet both the group and individual needs of students
  • The teacher is responsible for maintaining an on-going dialogue with other specialty teachers and coordinating curriculum integration and implementation with these teachers
  • The teacher works with students of various abilities assigned the classroom, including those with learning differences as diagnosed
  • The teacher may be required to participate in meetings, training, and planning cooperatives to fully meet each child’s needs
  • The teacher uses various assessment tools/strategies such as observations, children’s work samples, etc. to help make instructional decisions for individual students.

Qualifications and Requirements:
  • Minimum of B.Sc in a relevant discipline
  • 1-3 years experience
  • Must be hard working, diligent and trustworthy
  • Must have a good command of English.
To apply send your CV to 22e1f@jbng.me