28 October 2013

2014-2015 RAU Land and Food Fellowship for Africans in Uk

This scholarship is for Africans with Research experience in an Agriculture related discipline. Scholarship covers tuition and living costs. Fellowships are offered to Africans mainly from Sub-Saharan Africa who have experience in agriculture, food or natural resource exploitation and management; an interest in land reform; and a desire to make a strategic and sustainable contribution to Africa's development. In short, tomorrow's innovators and leaders.

Scholarships cover tuition fees, board and accommodation, flights to and from the UK and South Africa, provision for networking and a short industrial placement mainly in South Africa under the guidance of Stellenbosch University. Scholarships also cover incidental costs whilst in the UK and on placement in South Africa; however, applicants are advised that funding does not include provision for home and family costs.

January 3rd 2014

Interested applicant should click here for guidelines on how to apply