28 August 2013

Scholarships in Australia

There are many scholarship available for International students including Nigerians to Study in Australia. These scholarship come in several forms like bursary, grants, awards and are offered by government, private companies, NGOs, Research Institutions e.t.c
This is a list of available options for studies in Australia. These scholarships have different requirement hence if you interested in any of these scholarships please read the instructions carefully before applying

This scholarship is for both undergraduate and post graduate studies. Its aim is to contribute to the development needs of developing countries. Recipients study full time courses at Australian Universities.

Award Value

Scholarship will cover the following costs:
Tuition for duration of studies
Health Insurance for duration of studies
Flight costs
A one time payment of (5 000 ASD) for books and accommodation
(30 000 ASD) annual payment for living cost. This will be paid for the duration of studies
Cost for Introductory Academic Program: This is a preparatory class that intend students will undergo before commencing their studies at any Australian University
Research grants (only for research students)

Award Conditions:
Before the scholarship is awarded applicants must sign that they will comply with scholarship rules and regulations.
This includes that applicants must spend a minimum of two years in Australia after graduation
Applicant must apply to Eligible Australian Organization

International Postgraduate Research Scholarships

This scholarship provides an opportunity for international students to study in Australia for either to pursue a masters or doctorate degree. It aims to attract top students from all over the world to take advantage of great learning experience offered by Australian universities.

This is a very generous scholarship. It covers the following
Health Insurance for both recipient and dependent relatives

Applicants must contact participating universities because requirement vary with institutions .

La Trobe University Scholarships

This university scholarship comes in different forms  some of them  include

Academic Excellence Scholarship

This is offered to both high achieving undergraduate and postgraduates students. It has an award value that range from (10 000 - 20 000) Australian Dollars.

Regional Campus Award

This is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in selected campuses of the university. Award Value of this scholarship is 5000 Australian Dollars

Undergraduate and Postgraduate African Award

This scholarship is awarded only to African students it has an award value of 5000 Australian Dollars

Undergraduate Civil Engineering Scholarship

This is awarded to encourage students to study civil engineering. It is awarded to high performing students. It has an award value of 20000 Australian Dollars

Sydney Achievers Scholarship Program

This scholarship is both for undergraduate and postgraduate studies

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