27 August 2013

How to get a Scholarship

Are scholarships real?
In as much as fraudsters can post dubious scholarship announcement to swindle unsuspecting victims. Scholarships are real . Many are enjoying scholarships. I have a couple of friends that have not paid even a dime since their secondary school days.

Are Scholarship Applications free?
There is no free lunch even in Freetown. Absolutely not !!! While only a few scholarship providers will ask for an application fee(please be certain before you make any payment), majority of the scholarships are free. But this does not mean scholarships are free. Many scholarships especially the high paying ones have very stringent requirements besides to make a good application that will stand the competition requires a lot of time. Time is money so scholarship costs. In addition scholarships need a lot of research because at times they are good scholarships that do not get enough publicity

Which Scholarship is best for me?
The big question is How much fund do I have?. This does not mean that only indigent students apply for scholarships No!!!. Scholarships tells a lot about a person. Employers are always interested in applicants that have received one form of scholarship or the other, this to an extent show the degree of competition applicants can face. There are various type of scholarship, this varies with countries for list of scholarship which Nigerians can apply download scholarship9ja app for android here. Scholarship differs both with requirement and funding. The rule of thumb is to apply for the big scholarships(that is scholarships with full funding), but that is not always advisable. If you consider yourself as an averages student and have the necessary funds for a degree while we don`t advise you to leave any scholarship but it may be more profitable to focus on mid paying scholarship with lower competition than the high paying ones with cut throat competition

When to apply?
In scholarships not planning enough is planning to fail. The rule of thumb is to start researching for scholarships about a year before your intended date of study. The competition is often scaring, in addition some scholarship program will require that you already have gained an admission to certain schools. So the ideal thing is while applying for admission, you should already have a mental picture of the scholarships you want to apply. When you know what you are looking for, do not apply until you have read all of the requirements.

What if I am not accepted?
There are only very few people that have got all the scholarships they ever applied for. Please do not get discouraged if you are turned down. Maybe you got no reply after a long time, chances are you did not make but to be certain you can write the scholarships providers to confirm. For some scholarship programs because of the number of people involved they often will reply only successful applicants. To be on a safe side will apply check to know when you should be expecting results.